DEI Services and Programs of Work

Roman Ruzbacky & Associates can provide the following programs of work and services. 

Diversity and Inclusion Frameworks and Strategies 

Design, developing and reinvigorating DEI action plans (developing success metrics)

Gender Equity Action Plans  

Accessibility Action Plans

WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality and VPS GEAPS (including gap analysis) .

Diversity Data Analysis, Audits and Reporting (including intersectional analysis)

Pay Equity analysis, insights and strategies

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion &  Equal Employment Opportunity workshops 

Experienced facilitation and program delivery  

Building internal and external networks

DEI Conference, Summit and Events program and preparation 

We have worked with the following clients 

More details on the programs below

Diversity and Inclusion Frameworks and Strategies – co-designed action plans on people with lived experience of diversity, including, gender equity, disability, cultural diversity, racial equity, LGBTIQ+ and supporting Aboriginal led work on Self-Determination and Employment.

Design, developing and reinvigorating action plans that focus on employment practices, workplace culture and leadership and management, and, Guiding principles (equity principles) – understanding the why? Organisational enablers (enabling environment) – what can the org do? Individual self-directed actions (authorising environment) – what can I do?

Understanding Diversity Data – including critical interpretation of complex diversity data sets, workplace diversity profiles, employee life cycle data, pay equity analysis, and quantitative and qualitative survey analysis (including intersectional analysis) and reports.

Pay Equity analysis, insights and strategies – we can provide a comprehensive pay equity analysis (including intersectional analysis) on your workplace to meet the requirements for the Workplace Gender Equality Agency and the Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector (VIC).  Typical analysis includes 

  • Women and Men
  • Disability
  • Select age ranges (eg. (15-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64 & 65+ yrs)
  • Cultural Diversity

I look at a number of ways to explore in-band and aggregate pay gaps (base and total remuneration), usually starting with mean analysis, including

  • Levels to the CEO (top levels usually are usually determined individually and reporting line to the CEO)
  • Manager categories (similar)
  • Executives (including median analysis)
  • Casuals (and analysis of workforce without casuals)
  • Classification levels (including Enterprise Agreement and graduate levels)
  • Work areas (drilling into work areas and executive portfolios) including job types, such as Operations, HR, IT, Finance, etc (to determine any job segregation)
  • Position fraction and tenure, (FT, PT, Ongoing, Fixed Term)
  • Position titles (for example chief, director, manager, lead, technical) 
  • Length of service

Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workshops 

Understanding Bullying, Discrimination, Harassment – Policy, Process, Prevention and Practice

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Principles to Practice

Navigating your way through complex issues workshops

The 90 minute diversity and inclusion master class

WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality and VPS GEAPS Successfully achieved ten Employer of Choice citations for three organisations. Completed three gender equity plans for the Victorian Public Sector. Implemented actions that resulted in an unprecedented representation of women in senior positions and a reduction in the organisation’s pay gap for a university.

Gender Equity Action Plans – we can develop a gender or diversity inclusion action plan tailored for your organization that looks at increasing the representation of women in leadership and reducing the pay gap between men and women. This includes addressing WGEA’s seven key gender employment indicators (recruitment, promotion, training & development, work conditions, work organisation, sex based harassment and parental leave). I have also recently developed Gender Equality Action Plans for three Victorian Public Sector Entities, including detailed gender equity audit and pay equity analysis.

Advice on WGEA Compliance and Employer of Choice for Gender Equality and the design and implementation gender equity strategies to achieve Employer of Choice, and an increased in the representation of women in senior positions and a reduction in the organisation’s pay gap.

Experienced Facilitation and Dispute Resolution including EEO, DEI and Navigating your way through Complex Issues workshops. Chaired and presented at national DEI conferences.

Design Staff Diversity Surveys including the critical interpretation of data and reporting on intersectionality.

Building internal and external networks, including practitioners and researchers, Employee Reference Group networks, inclusion networks, steering committees and focus groups.

Stakeholder Engagement – worked closely with CEOs, executives, managers and employees to raise consciousness and build competency and confidence in diversity, equity and inclusion practice and leverage the benefits of DEI. Prepared Board papers and speaking notes for leaders.

DEI Conference and Summit preparation including content programming, coordination and delivery with team.

Policy Development & Upgrade – we can design, develop or review the following policies and procedures:

    • Equal Opportunity & Diversity Policy
    • Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure
    • Anti-Discrimination Policy
    • Discrimination and sexual harassment complaints procedures
    • Family and Domestic Violence Policy & Procedure
    • Flexible working arrangement procedure and guidelines
    • Workplace Adjustments
    • Alternative Recruitment Processes