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๐Ÿ”ŽHave you ever celebrated the full implementation and completion of your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy?

๐Ÿ’ฐSome basic Pay Equity analysis for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Practitioners (2023)

๐Ÿ‚How many people to implement a gender equity plan – at least five people (Dec 2022)  

๐ŸŒทEight simple diversity data exercises from a DEI practitioner and analytical chemist (Aug 2022)

โ˜˜Leading Diversity & Inclusion work with Optimism in a time of uncertainty (Feb 2022)

๐ŸŒBuilding trust and respect through personal connection and vulnerability (Oct 2021)  

๐ŸŒŽInternational Womenโ€™s Day 2021 – have the men shown up this year? (Mar 2021)  

๐Ÿ”ฎThe evolution of Diversity & Inclusion practice during Cโ€ฆ.19? (Aug 2022)  

โฐIntergenerational Diversity and Exclusion – lifting the cloak of invisibility (Jun 2019)  

๐ŸšฉEngaging with the backlash towards gender equity initiatives – insights from a male D&I practitioner (Nov 2018)  

๐ŸšงDiversity & Inclusion – Resisting the temptation for quick fixes (Jul 2018)  

๐ŸงฟEnabling the Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner – current challenges to our profession (Oct 2017)  

๐Ÿ“ขHaving a clear narrative and rationale when talking with executives about diversity (Nov 2016)  

๐ŸŒˆThe power of ‘lived experience’ moments    

๐Ÿ””Nepotism/Cronyism (aka jobs for mates) – discrimination by stealth

๐ŸŒŒWhy we need to talk about race in the workplace – more than talk shows at work

Online Video Series (Coming soon)

Welcome to my new short free video tutorial series on

What is your diversity data saying?

Understanding diversity data is a struggle for many practitioners and professionals. I’m going to present a case study each week, where I unpack diversity data (from tables, graphs and DEI action plans), provide some insights into how the data may inform DEI actions. Further examination may also identify additional equity issues, challenges or opportunities.

What is your diversity data telling you – Video #1 Gender Equity (Representation)

What is your diversity data telling you – Video #2 Longitudinal Data Gender